My name is Andrei Korchagin, and I’m a digital strategist living in New York City. I’m a graduate of Boston University, and I'm currently a partner and Director of Digital Strategy at the digital media company Hello Goodbye. In the past, I’ve co-founded and managed the e-commerce clothing brand Hood Bohemian and the boutique creative agency FOMO Studio.

I have a multidisciplinary skillset across the fields of web development, digital marketing, and brand strategy. I’m appreciative of design thinking and its business implications. I understand and write code, and I work with APIs and the web. I can put together and run a digital marketing campaign. However, my strengths are not in any of those skills on their own, but rather collectively. Overall, my specialty is combining all of the above by using technology and the internet to solve problems, generate revenue for clients, and communicate with an audience.

When I'm not working, I love photography, exploring New York City, traveling around the world, and running.


I've worked with companies across many different industries around the world. Some of my favorite projects have been high-level strategy, but I greatly enjoy the execution work as well. One way or another, my goal is to take brands from where they are, to where they want to be. I typically maintain long and fruitful relationships with clients, even working to help solve problems that are out of my scope.

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More specifically, I’m proficient in:

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    Front-end web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
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    Some backend web development (PHP, Liquid)
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    Platforms such as Shopify and WordPress
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    E-commerce strategy
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    Web analytics
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    Paid and organic social and search marketing
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    Account and project management
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    UX and brand strategy

I take lots of pictures, edit them in various ways, then put them up on Instagram under @andreikorchagin.


I write a bunch about topics in tech, photography, digital strategy, branding, and whatever else interests me.


Want to talk?

Reach out to me at, follow me at @andreikorchagin, check out my LinkedIn, read my blog, or sign up for my mailing list below. I write about my experiences in digital strategy, books that I’m reading, and other fun things.